‘Listen to the heartbeat of music, depth of lyrics, and power it with your voice’

Mehmeet Syed has revived the love of music among Kashmiris and non-Kashmiris alike. Her singing career started at the age of six and her childhood fame encouraged her to take formal music lessons. With her music, she got an opportunity to travel to places like the United States and Australia. In an interview to Kashmir Scan’s Sameer Rashid, Kashmir melody revival queen talks about her music, her life and much more. Excerpts.

Tell us something about yourself, about your childhood, and education.

I was born in the most beautiful place in the world, Kashmir. I went to Presentation Convent and ended up with three Master’s degree courses.


Do you remember the first time you sang a song?

I was six-years-old when I had the first opportunity to sing in front of my batch.


How did you choose singing as a profession?

I am not sure if I chose singing or did singing chose me. However, I can say that my mother, a music graduate, was my inspiration and mentor.


Who did you support in achieving this goal?

My hard work, my parents, and many other Kashmiri artists who supported and encouraged me.


Who is your role model and why?

My mother continues to be my role model, even though, she is no longer with us because she was a perfect woman and she keeps inspiring me even when she’s gone.


Your favourite song and singer, and why?

I like numerous songs. It depends on my mood. Like in the car, I have a different playlist than at my home.


How much do you practice?

It depends on my schedule and my mood. On an average, I practice 14 to 16 hours a week.


What is your opinion about the modern musical age?

Music has so many genres and every one of them is beautiful in its own way.


What qualities should a good singer possess?

A good singer should be a good listener. Listen to the heartbeat of the music and the depth of the lyrics and power it with your voice.


Kashmir is a conservative society. What hardships did you face achieving your goal?

Kashmiris, in general, are music lovers. Overall, I have received love and support from my community.


What is your best performance so far?

My next one!!!!


Have you had any memorable experience that you would like to share with us?

My tours to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia and London and the love for Kashmiri culture and music among Kashmiris living there and how they appreciate art. They have given me beautiful memories to cherish. Amazing!


What is your success mantra?

Be humble and never judge people.


Your hobbies other than singing?

Fashion designing..!! I design my own clothes and hoping to start my clothing line soon.


Your favourite colour, food, place, actor, sports person?

Black, White, Red; Wazwan; after Kashmir, Los Angeles is my favourite; Irfan Khan. Acting doesn’t feel like acting when he does it; Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter of all time from Jamaica, he inspires.


You have worked with some Bollywood artists also. How was the experience?

I was extremely impressed by their politeness and respect for each other.


Your future plans?

I feel lucky that I’ve been accepted by the people in promoting Kashmiri culture, language and music. I will continue to do that with all my heart.


Any message to your fans and upcoming artists?

Follow your dream and your passion, work on it and eventually you will be living your dream.




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