The Kashmir was a land of Reshis and Sufis, inhabited by the people of different faiths and religions. Some called Kashmir as “Heaven on earth” others named it “Peer veer”. Heard that Hindus in Kashmir were celebrating Eid in the past while Muslims celebrating Diwali. Temples, Gurdwars, Churches and Mosques were opened for all and lessons were taught about communal harmony, brotherhood, unity, peace and morality. During the marriage functions of Hindus, Muslims were invited and vice versa. The culture of Kashmiri society was so rich in the past that everybody participates and takes an active part during the death of any member in the society without considering caste, religion, faith and sect. Today Hindus are not living in Kashmir due to political misfortune but they are still ruling in our hearts and same is the case with them. Nobody in Kashmir ever dreamed that bunch of people will use communal card and other tactics to succeed dividing the Hindus and Muslim. It was a herculean task for all those players trying to change the demography and political spectrum of Kashmir. Ultimately environment in the valley was organized in such a way that Hindus were compelled to shun the native land and protect themselves. We are always remembering them and they are remembering too.

We are well informed about them and accept their problem as ours. Couple of years before, they decided to come back on motherland Kasheer, we remained ready to embrace them. Whenever they had raised any protest against the government or against any demand not meted by the government, every Kashmiri not opposed but supported the move. Every year thousands of Kashmiris visit KHEER BHAWANI in Tulmulla Ganderbal to witness the Hindu Religious festival and to meet them all.
After you left the Kashmir, killings, abductions, rapes, arson, human right violations, encounters, arrests, public safety acts were the new terminology introduced to deal with the people. You were watching in the Ac rooms all that frenzy mess happened in the valley but remain unmoved. We felt that it was one sided love, reason to remain mum on watching that humanity was murdered in Kashmir without a pause. The books were written about the shopian tragedy with Nilofar and Asifa, about a far-flung village konanposhpora. Have not you heard that pellets were fired on innocent faces, in which hundreds turned disabled and blinded. You might not heard that bullets were fired in the bodies of thousands of Kashmiri youth and they have goodbye all of us forever. Have you not read from the newspapers that schools were closed and burned in the valley, even minor children’s were injured including women. If somebody labeled us terrorists then my million dollar question is who put our heaven on such a fire that nobody feel secure and safe here. Hope this chit will make you understand that Kashmiris never supported the war, terrorism, communalism, killings and so on but have strong advocates of peace, communal harmony and brotherhood.
Dialogue and discussions are the best means to attain the goal; we have always been be fooled in the name of dialogues and discussions by the New Delhi. The contemporary situation in Kashmir is not better than the hell; pious land has changed into graveyard. To write truth about Kashmir is more difficult than suicide, hope I might not be labeled as anti-national, terrorist, separatist, fundamentalist or any. People of Kashmir want solution to their long pending political problems and issues, let it be plebiscite or freedom. Why political engineers and representatives know no language without aggression and suppression? It is a well time that Political leadership engages all the stakeholders with progressive dialogue over Kashmir, so that aspirations of the people will be represented in a democratic setup without bias.

Syed Karar Hashmi is Social Activist and Political Commentator from Central Kashmir Dab Ganderball

(The views expressed are authors own and doesn’t come under the policy of this organisation. Author can be contacted on:



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